Why Automotive

Don't Be A Victim

"Being broken down on the side of the road provides the perfect circumstance for a perpetrator to take advantage of the female driver. People won't typically stop to help a stranded driver once they have seen that someone else has already stopped. That leaves the perpetrator a perfect opportunity to carryout a number of crimes. If wild gestures re being made, passers by may think she is just upset about her vehicle or that there is a domestic argument happening and people don't want to get involved. There are ways to avoid this and taking the CarmaCare Women's Automotive Empowerment class offers women the knowledge and confidence to not become a victim." -- Victor Collins, Colorado Traffic and Highway Safety Division

Don't Call the Ex

"I got a flat tire in a risky part of town. It was late after a concert. I called my girlfriend that I went to the concert with but she was already almost home. She didn't know how to change a flat either. I called my mom but her phone was off. I only had like 18% battery left so I was tethered to my car charger. I didn't know if I had roadside assistance or not. I tried to look it up on the internet but I had no idea how to work the jack or where to put it. Finally, I called my ex who had broken up with me. He answered and came and changed my tire. It was VERY unpleasant for both of us. I feel so much more knowledgeable after taking the CarmaCare class. I not only know so much more about my vehicle but I also have a list of resources in case I can't remember something. This class made me feel so much more confident!--Kira C, 28 years old

Don't Increase Your Insurance Premiums

"If you have emergency road service on your vehicle [insurance policy] and you call to get a tow truck to come and change your tire, it's still a claim," he said. "In and of itself, it's not going to change your rate. "But if you have multiple claims, even those where you're not at fault, "they see a pattern," Toups continued. "Having it happen once is not a big deal, but if you were to file two, three, four over a short period of time – a year or two – that could drive your rates up."

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